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To install WorkAlly for your company, you will need a user with one of these roles:
  • Office 365 global administrator
  • Azure Application Administrator
  • Azure Cloud Application Administrator
PermissionIncluded dataHow does Work Ally use this data?
View users’ basic profileFirst and last name, picture and user nameIdentify users when logging in
View users’ email addressUser email addressCommunicate with users
Sign users inAllow users to connect to Work Ally
Sign in and read user profileIdentify users when logging in
Read all users’ relevant people listsFrequent contacts and coworkersShow user communication patterns
Read all groupsAll group members, group calendar and group conversationsShow group communication patterns
Read directory dataList users, groups and appsInclude all users in communication analysis
Read all users’ full profilesUser directory data including job title, department, company and locationGroup users by department, company and location
Read organization informationCompany information such as Office 365 domains, services deployed and brandingShow corporate branding and subscription recommendations
Read all audit log dataDetailed user activity logsShow group and service usage patterns
Read all usage reportsDaily user activity countsShow user and service usage patterns

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